The Golden Rule For Leaders

Remember that boss you once had who was a total jerk? Did it create a desire to work harder or a desire to find a better job?  Now you are a Leader.  How will you lead?  Use the Golden Rule as your fundamental business principle and watch your followers pour their hearts out. Ownership, Productivity and Profitability; It's all yours when you lead with the Golden Rule!  

 The Golden Rule For Leaders

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The Gold Is In The Rule!  You have the skills. The profits are locked up in your character. A Golden Rule leader brings out the Ownership, Productivity and Profitability of the followers. 

I could have a WAY too long site page selling you a pipe dream. Instead, I am going to give you a few GUARANTEES!

If you are in anyway a mean spirited, cuss-filled, negative, grumpy, "life stinks" kind of leader, I can GUARANTEE you are losing money.   

I GUARANTEE your employees feel dread at your very existence and if you were not the source of their paycheck they would run.  

GUARANTEE your employees think a good day is a day where they did not have to interact with you.

I GUARANTEE your employees are not working to their potential, not even close!

Do you remember having a mean boss? Be honest, did you want to work harder?   

Most of us don't feel we are "bad" leaders.  OK.

Do you want to improve your leadership?  

Use The Golden Rule. 

Don't take my word for it. . . . . 


“. . . it was my conviction then, as it is now, that nothing else than right service to the public results in mutual understanding and satisfaction between customer and merchant.  It was for this reason that our business was founded upon the eternal principle of the Golden Rule.”                                


James Cash Penney (JCPenney)

"The reason we're successful is because we spot, we recruit, and we retain the best people." 

 "We're in the people business." 

                                          Sam Walton (Wal-Mart)